This is, NYM mixnode


tl;dr; Lengthy reasoning why this node is so wicked awesome. And node id near the bottom. Because of the tension curve.

self; I am Stefan Steinert (aka ststefa), professional IT person and proponent of an open and surveillance-free digital society. I've been a nerd for almost all of my life. Building and coding IT infrastructure is my profession since 1994. Check keybase if you want to validate my identity.

history; It was on a small sidestage at 36c3 where Harry Halpin introduced NYM to a handful of hackers. I was one of them. Harry told us about the idea of NYM and showed us how to compile and run something he called a "mix node". I was thrilled by the idea that he had for the internet: An incentivized anonymity overlay.
Since then I have maintained several mixnodes and contributed a little time and ideas to the project. As a fun fact, I was also the first non-nym-team-member to ever mix a packet on the test net.

operation; The node runs on physical hardware in a well-respected german datacenter. It has been through all test nets since NYM started. I run it for fun and for conviction. It will be around for all foreseeable future, regardless of it's economical value. The system is routinely maintained and closely monitored by me. From the last years of experience with the very modest requirements of the nym-mixnode process, it's SLA (although I don't officially give any) should easily exceed 99,9%. In addition to the official NYM routing score I publicly track my "TCP port connect uptime" using

stake; Disregarding over-saturation (which you can read about elsewhere), the most relevant measure for you (as a delegator) is the amount of time that a node is mixing NYM traffic (aka "be in the active set"). If the node is mixing, you get rewards. If it's not mixing, you get nothing.
For the fun of it (and while I can afford it), I keep my node staked just high enough so that it will be part of the active set for typically > 95% of the time.
To be fair, I must add that my top priority is to help make NYM a robust piece of internet infrastructure. So when forced to choose, I will sacrifice "active-set-time" in favour of analyzing (thus helping to fix) difficult problems. This does not happen often and I publicly keep track of it at in the noteworthy events on the bottom of this page.
If you agree with me that it's more important to build robust foundations for a digital society rather than enjoy the rewards today, you're very welcome to stake here. You will get the same (well, > 95%, see above) amount of rewards here as on any other similar- or higher-staked node. This node has the following mixnode identity (#drumroll):


noteworthy events

2022-09-01: A code bug left the mixnode process in a half-life state where it still ran but did not perform any mixing. Due to it's sneaky symptoms I detected the situation only 11 hours after it occured. After a restart, the node had problems re-joining the active set for another 16 hours, probably due to it's prior extended period of malfunction. This caused a sharp spike in the NYM routing score. I supplied github issue 1580 to the NYM team in the hope it will be ironed out soon.

2022-11-30: I installed version 1.1.1 after it was released on github. Unfortunately, the version didn't seem to (yet) be welcome on the mixnet. I recognized this after two hours by the steadily falling NYM routing score and reverted back to 1.1.0. This left a spike in the routing score and moved the node out of the active set for about nine hours. For the records, this was the first time the node left the active set since 2022-09-01!

2024-01-01: As a New Year's surprise, a whale that had long held a large share of the node stake (approx. 50%) left my node. On January 2, I updated to the latest nym version, which always causes a reduced routing score for a few days. The unfortunate coincidence of these two events meant that the mix node could not be in the active set for about five days, as nodes with a medium stake AND a medium routing score quickly fall into the sidelines. For the records, the node was constantly in the active set since over a year now!